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Idea Champions’ Conducting Genius training is an interactive learning experience that provides participants with the skills, experience, and confidence they need to become effective brainstorm facilitators. Knowing that people learn best by doing, we’ve designed our training to be as interactive as possible – one that includes the following eight elements:

1. Master Trainer Tutorials:  At selected intervals, we deliver two kinds of topic-specific tutorials:  1) The art and science of brainstorm facilitation and; 2) The right use of ideation tools, techniques, and processes.

2. Discussions: Most tutorials are followed by lively discussions in which participants explore ways they might apply the content of the tutorials to their own brainstorm facilitation challenges on the job.

3.Brainstorm Technique Practice: Conducting Genius participants learn and practice 8-20 idea generation techniques. Each technique is applied to a specific “How can we?” or “How can I?” question participants will have identified, pre-training.

4. Experiential Challenges:  Time allowing, we engage participants in hands-on action learning activities to challenge assumptions, spark new insights, and move them deeper into the learning mode. These challenges renew, refresh, and reveal new topics to explore.

5. In-Training Brainstorm Practice Sessions:  Participants get multiple opportunities to lead the group through ideation processes of their own choosing, applying newly learned skills and techniques to business-specific challenges.  Each practice session is debriefed and feedback is provided.

6. Intake Interview Greenhouses:  In the advanced version of Conducting Genius, participants take a deeper dive into the pre-brainstorm session prep process, practicing their client intake and needs assessment skills with real clients, real-time.

7. Guest Group Brainstorming Sessions: In the advanced version of the training, participants lead real-time brainstorming sessions, on the third day,  with pre-selected in-house teams. Each session is debriefed and guest teams share their feedback.

8.Review of the Facilitator Guidebook:  Since there is significantly more material included in the Facilitator Guidebook than can be covered in the training, we review the book at the end of the training, alerting participants to sections most relevant for them to study, post-training. 

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