“Extremely engaging and enlightening brainstorming sessions.”

– Karen Lazan, Marketing Director


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“The ideas developed in your session will guide our development for years to come.”

– Robert Rubin, Product Development


  “Very impressed with your insight and understanding.”

– Gabrielle de Sesto, VP, Interactive Media


  “Definitely solid ROI.”

– Mary Anne Heenehan, Chubb Business School


 “Idea Champions is a real winner.”

– Michael Canning, CEO


 “Exceeded our every expectation.”

– Melinda McLaughlin, SVP


  “Helped us unlock our creative thinking.”

– Andrew Rossi, Creative Director


  “Wonderful facilitators of group training.”

– Darcy Smith, VP Subsidiary


  “Delivers exactly what they promise.”

– Peter Clist, Management Institute


  “Engaging, encouraging, and pragmatic.” 

– Michael Serino, Senior Director


  “Allowed us to maximize our brainstorming efforts.”

– Rich Batista, President


  “Brings an infectious enthusiasm that wins over even  the most cynical people.”

– Kevin Reilly, President


 “Six months later, their impact still hasn’t worn off.”

– Candida Brush, Chair, Entrepreneurial Studies


 “Your tools and techniques enabled us to build a culture of innovation.”

– Terri Scheider, VP, Clinical Development


  “Talk about out of the box thinking! It was out of this world.”

– Eric Birnbaum, Sr. Packaging Engineer


 “Impressed with your ability to spark and harness our collective ingenuity."

– Craig Harden, Global Risk Manager


 “Not only do you produce results, but people have fun in the process.”

– Scott Playfair, VP Quality


 “Sowers of a wonderfully powerful seed.”

– Candace Thompson , VP