It all started in 1987. Not the universe. Our brainstorming business.  The idea?  To build a company that helped other companies be more creative. Back then, we had very little beyond the idea. No business plan. No capital. No office. Just an idea.  But it was a BIG idea – one that took serious hold of us.  

Our first client was Fairchild  Publications. Their sales team was $600,000 under quota and needed to turn things around fast.  A day long ideation session with us yielded a breakthrough idea that handled their shortfall and then some. Then AT&T came calling. Newly deregulated, they had to figure out ways to win back lost market share to MCI and Sprint.  Which is why they brought us in to run a series of brainstorming sessions. “The ideas developed in your sessions will guide our development for years to come” exclaimed our happy client.

Badaboom, badabing.  At least that’s what A&E Television was thinking after a session with us yielded them the idea to syndicate the Sopranos, a $250 million play that turned their company around.

You get the picture. None of us were corporate types.  Steven was a psychotherapist. Val was an improv actor. Mitch was a writer. Clearly, we did not fit the mold and that’s precisely why we succeeded.  Driven by purpose, not profits, already out of the box, we were free to think differently – free to invent, free to explore new ways to help our time-crunched clients access their collective genius. Our hair may be shorter now, our mortgages bigger, but our passion to spark brilliance in others has continued to grow.