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The Musical Dynamics of Brainstorm Facilitation

A well-facilitated brainstorming session is like a symphony -- or, at the very least, a really good performance of any kind of music.

Embedded in its DNA are dynamics (i.e. "variation and contrast in force and intensity") -- the skillful modulation of elements that fully engages a person's attention.

The opposite? Muzak.

Next time you listen to a piece of music, be aware of dynamics -- the various ways in which the composition holds your interest (i.e. rhythm, pauses, crescendos, harmonies, solos, and multiple variations of soft and loud).

As a brainstorm facilitator, you need to do everything in your power to keep the session as dynamic as possible so participants remain fully engaged -- poised and ready to respond.

If the session is boring (or takes a "dip" after a brief period of engagement), your chances of succeeding decline exponentially.

Towards this end, think of yourself as a "conductor" -- the one who guides a group of individual contributors ("soloists") through an artful process that ensures a quality experience and a meaningful outcome.